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October 2, 2007

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It never fails to amaze me how everyone, especially the younger set, thinks American Automotive salvation should come by importing whatever Euro-rocket is available in Middle Earth.  Really, folks, are you saying that you haven’t any faith in your grandparents, parents, and other loved ones whose efforts made the rest of the world wake up to automobiles in general?  Did you know te entire Lexus line is approximately what the Oldsmobile/Buick lines were about say, 20-25 years ago?

If anything, U.S. car makers should get out of the fake Lexus business and get back to making passionate, beautiful cars that someone here wants. Buick, for instance, needs to stop and think about the expressively styled cars it has made in the past and junk the current line-up;  th Enclave is beautiful, but theat name…LeSabere would work, especailly if they added a coupe, sedan and convertible to the line-up.  Cadillace seems to have come up from the cellar; now, Lincoln may be getting the same idea.  These cars , including the “Chrysler 300 series, are expressive, modern, and own their styling without trying to add some Lexus blandness.

Those of you who run to foreign car dealers, believing al the hype about inferior American cars, need only to drive them wih your eyes wide open, you might learn something about advertisement and hype.

Many of you started crying when GM went on strike, whining about how communities would be effected; REALLY?  Did you think of that when you bought your Japanese Buick?

Whew!!! Quite a lot for a first blog, but oh, well…